Oklahoma City SCORE mentors are real-world professionals with time-tested knowledge, who donate thousands of hours to help small businesses succeed. Mentors are experts in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, personnel and business plan preparation.

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Meet our mentors:

  •  Robert Abraham: Marketing, Fast Food Franchise, Retail
  •  Cheryl Adams: Franchise, Finance, Cash Management, Buying and Selling businesses
  •  Bill Arnold: Engineering, Manufacturing, Production
  •  Jerry Benson: Marketing, Strategy, HR, Non-Profits, Retail, Wholesale
  •  Ken Dekker: Business management, production, sales
  •  Marsha Dixon: Business registration, Organization, Non-Profits, Project Management
  •  Henry Dumas: Business Finance and Accounting, Mktg Strategy, Planning
  •  Cecil Furr: Business Operations, IT, Govt. Contracting, International IT, Marketing
  •  Ron Glass: Retail, Planning, Analysis, Marketing, General Management
  •  Audrey Hathorn: Employee Relations, Recruiting, Training
  •  Jay Holmes: Advertising, Broadcasting, Video Production, City Government
  •  Greg Kieson: Marketing, Finance, Business Operations, Credit, Financial Services, Administration
  •  Charles Middleton: Finance, Accounting, Strategy, Hr, Non-Profits, PR, Marketing
  •  Jim Orebaugh: Sales and Marketing, Marketing Information Tech
  •  Linda Parker: Human Resources, Personnel, Training, Consulting, Customer Service
  •  Jim Piper: Restaurants and Hospitality: operations, management
  •  Aparna Popley: Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Business Planning, Consulting
  •  Jaynee Rivas: Strategy Government regulations, Entrepreneurship
  •  Robert Ritz: Apparel Industry, Sales, Marketing, Retail
  •  Paul Rodebush: Consulting, Govt Contracting, Small Business Mgt, Marketing
  •  Warren Shoulders: International Trade, Manufacturing, Marketing, Restaurants, Accounting
  •  Simon Sposito: Finance, Accounting, Strategy Planning
  •  Bob Steinerd:  Business Plans, Management, Marketing
  •  Dan Talimdjioski: Marketing, Advertising, Creative Services, Public Relations
  •  Don Wilkerson:  Sales, HR, Banking, Operations
  •  Ernest Zahler:  Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Management


To make an appointment with any of our volunteers, contact SCORE today at (405) 609 - 8004/5