Few entrepreneurs are lucky enough to actually experience “lightbulb moments.” Angelyn Myers is one of those lucky ones. The proverbial lightbulb went off for Myers, a mother of six after one of her daughters insisted on using three towels after she took a bath because she was still cold — every time.

Myers was tired of constantly having to do laundry and realized she needed a better solution. Bathrobes didn’t work since they left her daughter’s legs exposed and didn’t dry her off. She figured out what she needed. She recalls thinking, “This child of mine needs a full body towel she can get right into immediately after a bath!” But an internet search online yielded nothing. That’s when the lightbulb lit up, and Myers decided she would “design my own” solution.

The Path to Success

Myers sprang into action. “I made a prototype, contacted a manufacturer, and in a few weeks, I had factory-made samples!” she says. “It was amazing to see an idea come to life — the original My ‘Buddy’ Towel was born!”

The My “Buddy” Towel is essentially a towel that’s also a hooded onesie, so parents can zip their kids up following their baths. The towel comes in fun designs like frogs, sharks, and dinosaurs.    

Then, Myers recalls, “came the patent and trademark filing and negotiating prices and quantities with the manufacturer.” She used the samples to create a promotional YouTube video featuring her own kids. And not long after, she says, “I had my first batch of green frogs for sale online, in boutiques, and at a waterpark! 

Armed with a few samples, Myers attended HSN’s American Dreams Academy in Washington, D.C.

How SCORE Helped

While at the American Dreams Academy, Myers says, “I found out about SCORE and all they had to offer. I couldn’t believe it — and it was free!” SCORE was at the event, Myers recalls, “to greet and pep talks me (and 99 others) before we pitched to HSN! I was in contact with my mentor Ron Glass before the event ended!”

Myers says she asked Glass, “a lot of questions, mostly through email. And Ron has answered all my questions in a timely manner. We also FaceTimed to talk about a business plan. And the plan we came up with ended up getting investors’ attention!”

Myers adds, “I found the SCORE online website tools to be very helpful.” And she gives SCORE credit for helping her personally too. She says, “SCORE has helped me build confidence by providing me with the right tools to prove I can do it!”

My “Buddy” Towel Today

Myers appeared on Elevator Pitch, where she won funding. (Glass helped her prepare for her appearance.) She is also one of three grand prize winners for the 2018 American Small Business Championship, meaning that she won $15,000 to grow her business (courtesy of Sam's Club). 

Paying it Forward

Myers has advice for those thinking about starting a small business: “Lots of people have ideas. Most stay there as an idea. If you have the drive to bring your idea to life and are passionate during the process you will succeed! If you have an idea and the motivation — go for it!”  

A Bathtime Dilemma Leads to One Mom's Lightbulb Moment

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